Why al-Qardu al-Hasan? part 2



We take the title from the Quran. The word 'Q.hasan' came from the divine book, but it is not mean only for giving free interest loan, but it has wider meaning which include all kinds of spending in the sake of Allah's pleasure 'infaq fi sabilillah'.

It will not be too difficult for applying the first stage of Q.hasan. Promote the concept and produce well managed system to control the flow of Q.hasan monetary so we will see -i'allah- a brilliant progress after 2 months at least.

The most significant step is to introduce to your members what is Q.hasan?. If we understand the meaning of Q.hasan that mentioned above, it is simple to say that it is a welfare and charity. Islam teach us the great concept of 'ta'awun fil birr' meaning 'cooperation within good deeds and welfare' , if we think deeply we'll find the importance of the very concept. Knowing that a muslim can help or finance 1 or 2 poormen, but if he come to the bigger scale, if he wanted to help 100 people who did'nt have what to eat, of course he need members or other community to form a group of charity. So, this is actually what we want to apply.

What we'll do is collecting or with the exact word 'saving' students money , especially for those who take the PTPTN, and use them to help other students who does in need by giving them free interest loan for their primary needs like food, clothes etc. Some will criticize that how can we take money from students and give it to others?

The answer as bellow :

1) Q.hasan will guarantee the money and keep it safely in a special account in Islamic Bank.

2) The portion that will be used on loan will be limited just for 20% to 25% of the total amount of deposits.

3) Students can deposit their money and withdraw them any time due to the agreement in the Q.hasan form.(of course we'll limit the withdrawal and there will be maturity for the money deposited)

4)In case of desperate, we will allow any of Q.hasan customers to close their account and withdraw all their money.

5) In case of deficiency, HEP or MPM will be the guarantor for the 20%-25% amount that used for the loan.

So, obviously with these 5 points we have answered the question. Now, it is not enough for us to just introducing and answering the question above but indeed we must tell them about Why Q.hasan? What the difference if they save their money or keep it in CIMB or whatever banks?

Firstly, I would like to remind all of those who concern that Q.hasan is not for profitting or commercializing. The fundemental of Q.h is student welfare, never forget. I never say that someday after we have reach RM30-40,000 there will be changes in Q.h policy. But, just remember the fundemental and basic principle that Q.h is for the student welfare. So, for those who seek 'amal jariah' or continuous charity, for they life in hereafter , i'allah the system of Q.h will help them. 20% of total amount in Q.h account will be given to the poor students who do not have money to buy their food , clothes etc. So, -with Allah's will- i'allah everyday all Q.h account users will be receiving continuous reward from Allah s.w.t because they have keep their money in Q.hasan account together and 20% of undivided portion from their money will be used by the poor as loan.

In the same time, they will not borne any burden or feel any insufficient because they can withdraw the money like usual -same as they keep it in the bank- and their money will be guaranteed by the authorities of Q.h.

Secondly, using Q.hasan account is like saving money. It can be used to avoid wasting money in unnecessary things. Some students need this kind of system so they can control their spending and not burn their money with all of luxuries that usually come along when their PTPTN came.

Lastly, it is not a promise but it is our plan to run businesses and making profit with the money. So, we will give all students who use the Q.h account 'hibah' or gift from the profits that came from the businesses and I'm really confident to say that i'allah in the future Q.hasan will give you dividen more than what Bank Islam or CiMB did!

To sum up, we can say that Q.hasan i'allah will give you benefits worldly and in the hereafter. For those who believe....... Allahumma yassir.

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