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Alhamdulillah, the night of 'We Support' successfully brought us to the common ground between Malays and all international friends! Of course, for the first time we can seat together, recognize each other, and search for the deepest understanding and pure unity between all students! Here are some galleries of the night 'We support!' enjoy them!

The making of night "We support" , brief discussion with Ustazah Anisah Vice Chairman of the academic Bureau and all of BAKA's adhoc..

The night started with a speech delivered by the chairman of BAKA, he insisted that it is important for the Malays, Chinese, Somalians, Nigerians and the rest to unite and keep searching for the common ground!

Thanks for Mr President Ustaz Muaz for the historical speech 'together we stand'

"Of course we have the points of similarities that shared by all!, and I would like to say that MPM is for all! Malays , Chinese, Somalians, Indonesians and the rest!''
- President of MPM , Muaz-

The night was embraced by Ustzh Zamilah the 1st vice President brilliant speech, she stated that ''we must promote love and compassion! we were bound by Islam''

Ukhuwwah and mahabbah the key for us to succeed..

Muslimat preparing the dinner, delicious! Thanx for Ustazh Anisah!

International members in question-answer session, "we would like to see exco members from our chinese members, nigerians, somalians and the rest.. it is important for us to seat and make decision together!" -chairman of BAKA ust Umayr-

Paying full attention to the student's problems, "the next term will be more better for the international members" -President Ust Muaz-

"We need to open the medium of communication between Malays and the rest, we need to uphold either arabic or english as the 1st language so that we can understand each other" -international member-

"We are in the process of internalization and we will improve for that..actually we have started chinese class and i'allah we'll proceed for the Malay languange" Vice Chairman of International Bureau Ustazh Latifah

Answering students, solving problems....

"The security problems will be solved! it will be more clear after discussion with the authorities.." -Vice President Ustzh Zamilah-

-Together we stand-

Thanks to all of BAKA's members , may Allah bless us!

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